Carter Bryden

A software developer in Canada, I spend my days working in all parts of the stack and working on side projects of all kinds. Occasionally I record an episode of the Indielixer podcast. If you'd like to work together, please feel free to get in touch.

Here are a few of my most recent or favorite projects:

Quantified Citizen

Employer: Quantified CitizenAt QC the goals are to make large scale health research studies easy, much cheaper to run, and available to research teams of all sizes. While at QC as lead developer, I was responsible for and worked on five applications within the ecosystem:Composer: a web app for collaborating and designing research protocols, and launching new studies with them.Conductor: a web app for managing and organizing a running instance of a study.Sonata: a web service that renders sophisticated web views for use in the mobile apps.Usher: an internal queueing service used by other applications for notification strategies of all kinds, especially push notifications.API: authentication and request handling for mobile app users/participants in the studies.

Independent ProjectApproximated is an API & Infrastructure as a service that hosts and manages dedicated, globally distributed, reverse proxy clusters for end users. It's main goal is to allow companies to easily offer custom domain features to their users, handling SSL certificates, active monitoring, and scaling out of the box. Currently it serves traffic for over 200,000 custom domains on hundreds of clusters, with an average of less than one support request per week. I'm the sole owner and developer of this project.


Client: Nova-Tek InnovationsA white label online counselling platform for organizations like EAPs and government. Special features include in-browser video chat, extensive case management suite, and an intense focus on data safety and privacy. This has been successfully deployed for more than 7 years and is used by institutions across Canada. Though it handles thousands of counselling cases, on average there are less than 5 support requests per month for all Nuthera installations combined.

Forte Chat

Independent ProjectForte Chat was a marketplace and online meeting platform that allows anyone with expert knowledge to sell, schedule, and hold consulting sessions - all within the browser and with nothing to install. The ideal users are freelancers, knowledge experts, coaches, tutors, and course creators. The focus was on making it incredibly easy for them to schedule, hold, and accept payments for online meetings with clients.This project was spun down as I didn't have the time to manage and grow a two sided marketplace at the time.

Carwash System

Client: Nova-Tek InnovationsA white-label product used at hundreds of locations across Canada & the US, this carwash management system allows owners to offer modern features such as:* Loadable account cards
* Payment processing
* Admin/employee roles and restrictions
* Mobile applications for customers
* Employee access from the web
* Extensive reporting features
* Customizable marketing/landing page

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